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Real Or Not Real?

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How do you know if a news article or a press release online is real?

Here are some ways:

  • Watch out for redirections. News articles or press releases online can be viewed by someone right away. However, some websites won’t let one view the article or release right away because of redirection to other websites or even asking the person to visit a website first. Watch out for these as most, if not all, of these websites are fake themselves.
  • Facts get mixed up. Let’s say, you already know about the best value wood router out there. However, one website tells everyone otherwise. As you check which one is real, you confirmed that the first one you knew about is the correct one – hence, the importance of fact-checking across multiple online sources.
  • It doesn’t have any linked source. One of the most noticeable things about fake news is the lack of credited sources. Aside from that, their articles or releases mention someone or something saying about another; however, there’s no linked source to prove the statement itself. It can only be either (1) fake news or (2) plagiarized news.

These are only some ways a person can tell if a news article or a press release online is real.

Now, what will you do when this happens?

  • Close the tab and redirection tab right away. The first time a website redirects you to another one, especially unfamiliar websites, close both tabs right away and just look for another news article or press release online from trusted websites. You never know, the redirection link has been incorporated with a virus.
  • Always remember to do some fact-checking. The reason why most people today share fake news despite being warned about it is because of their laziness to do some fact-checking. Always remember to do this, in order for you to save other people from being shamed or making themselves look like fools online.
  • Check if there are credited sources. Part of the fact-checking is checking if there are credited sources. This way, you’ll know whether the statement an article or release has mentioned was actually stated. Just remember, credited sources should be linked properly and comes from trusted websites.

So, let me just ask you this final question for today: Do you know if a news article or a press release online is real?

You should be confident enough now to answer “YES” to this question.

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